GeekParty’s Streaming Game Show Is Now A Series!

Another Sunday is in the books, and you know what that means: GeekParty’s new live-streaming game show is now officially a series!

This week I came equipped with Quiplash XL, to add even more variety to the show, but here are some other things you can expect from the episode:

  • Completely defensible ignorance of brand slogans.
  • An unnerving suspicion that one or more contestants have experience making people “disappear.”
  • A fresh perspective on Mr. Clean’s personal life.
  • Real science in the form of a biochemical compound involved in many metabolic pathways!
  • And yours truly, always doing my best to keep the laughs coming.

If you missed it live, feel free to catch the archived broadcast below and follow us on Twitch to catch the show next Sunday!

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