Gods Will Be Watching’s Bugs Are Pretty Inexcusable

Gods Will Be Watching imageGods Will Be Watching can be frustrating, but the feeling you get when you clear a chapter usually makes it all worth it. Getting past its challenges is incredibly satisfying, and leaves you feeling elated.

But every once in a while, that elation is crushed by a terrible phrase: “Out of Memory.”

Twice now, I’ve encountered a game-breaking bug. When I hit the end of a chapter, Gods Will Be Watching informed me it was out of memory and promptly closed. When I started it back up, all records of my progress had vanished.

I could live with this error if the game had checkpoints or a save system, but it doesn’t. The error forces you to play its long, repetitive chapters from the very beginning. When I’ve worked my butt off to get to the end of a chapter, the last thing I want to do is play it over again.
Gods Will Be Watching chapter 5To make matters worse, some chapters focus less on skill and more on luck. Having to start over after the stars finally aligned is completely infuriating. Right now, even thinking about playing the game again is making me feel nauseous.

I appreciate Gods Will Be Watching‘s high difficulty level, but I’d appreciate it more if these errors didn’t make things harder. When a game requires you to get everything right in one go, errors like this are inexcusable. No game that demands this level of perfection can afford these kinds of mistakes.