Gordy Tells Justin Comics – [Episode 06] Crisis on Just This One Podcast


In this dark new episode of GtJc, Justin asks an embarrassingly drunk Gordy about the DC Crisis trilogy and Gordy loses his mind in the worst possible way trying to talk about it. Like the Multiverse itself, things start out pure and well meaning but eventually turn into a confusing, meandering, pointless mess. Sure, we learn how to pronounce Darksied properly (Gordy’s still practicing), that “Lex” is short for “Alexander”, and sing the theme to The Lost Boys, but those bright spots are few and far between. Justin does do his best to reign Gordy in, and by the end Gordy starts sensing the horror he’s wrought, but it was all too little, too late. Good luck. You’re gonna need it!

Also — Morrison pays Gordy to stop, Wonder Woman’s secret origin, hi-def Chunk belly, boss battles, Ohio, Wisconsin, Louisiana, and North Dakota. Oh, and did you guys know Heath Ledger was dead?! RIP.

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