Gordy Tells Justin Comics – [Episode 07] Nightmare After Christmas


Less walking, more talking! In this post-Christmas episode of GtJc, Gordy and Justin bask in the glow of the new year a bit before wading into the realm of the undead and beyond.

Some people love The Walking Dead, some people don’t. Even if you do love it, we bet you don’t love Lori. Regardless, we get into it. From there, Galactus gets eaten by Marvel’s finest, Morbius enchants a 90s America, and Howard the Duck traverses the multiverse.

Speaking of Howard T. Duck, Justin regales us with the story of his childhood love of the film and his machinations to see it multiple times on the big screen. And both young men are forever changed by seeing Lea Thompson in fishnets. It’s a beautiful holiday tale you won’t want to miss!

But wait, there’s more! Gordy listens to Hulk Hogan and the Boot Camp Slammers on repeat while gently rocking his luncheon loaf, Justin takes sides in the Spider-Man vs. Juggernaut blow-out (on Earth!), mad rhymes, and a new sponsor! What’re you waiting for? Crack open a delicious, refreshing Fresca and get listenin’!

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  • Guest

    Another dynamite show, keep them coming! I lie awake at night counting the hours until the next episode. This is my number one podcast about Gordy telling Justin all thing comic book related.

  • JB

    Well hell ya!

  • JulianWhatThe

    I simply can’t get enough! Gordy can tell me anything he goddamn pleases!

  • Josh Wirtanen

    The Howard the Duck story made my freaking week!