Gordy Tells Justin Comics [Episode 09] – Angels and Assholes


Je Suis, Charlie! Welcome to the first international episode of Gordy Tells Justin Comics! This week we cover the best (and worst) of French comics, starting and ending with the man, the legend, the kook…Alejandro Jodorowsky. Things start out super nice, then turn super odd as the boys get into the thick of Jodo’s magnum opus — The Holy Mountain. From there they hit up his iconic comic work with Moebius, Metabarons, which turns out to be mostly just a batshit re-imagining of Dune coated in brutal insanity. A guy fills himself with bombs, has sex with his mom, blows his kid’s head off, and then things get REALLY weird. There are no Angels in the outfield of space.

Also this eppy – North Korean shadow people, Justin’s flawless Seth Rogen impression, King Okoye, senior sinners on the loose, and What Would Snake Eyes Do? So come on in and let us spit…just a little…in your mouth…

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  • JulianWhatThe

    Another solid podcast fellas. It’s no episode six, but then again what is? I mean aside from the actual episode six of course.