Gordy Tells Justin Comics [Episode 15]: Beagle Dangle


War. War never changes. Whether you’re a renegade mist-man battling in the streets over union rights or some weirdo engaged in covert ketchup operations for the fat cats at Hunts, you’re bound to be altered by the horrors of war. Kids these days never had to live through anything like America’s first civil war, but they did have to cope with the grim realities of a newer, flashier, far less lethal version in Marvel’s Civil War. We go over what it was, why it happened, and why Dr. Strange decided to sit this one out (hint – no gems).

Plus! The curvier the bullet the better, what to do when a Mud Man cometh, Aunt May’s specialty armor plans, and Liver & Onions Gerald gets reminded of his place.

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  • JulianWhatThe

    The Heat Viper was my go to Joe. Saw Viper was my Cyclops. There was a white Bushido guy who’s name escapes me but was pretty sweet. Great episode as usual. It was no episode 6 but as I’ve gone on record in the past as having asked, what is? Aside from episode 6 of course. Wait, are we recording? Probably not since I’m just typing this by myself. I was wondering if you gents were up on the comic character The Meter Maiden? If not you should totally check it out. Or at the very least make it exist. Ta!