Gordy Tells Justin Comics [Episode 16] – The Bishop Who Cried Apocalypse


This is it! GtJc is kicking off the first annual Superhero Big Hugs Championship this week, and you won’t wanna miss out on all the adorable action! Ever wondered who would win in a hug-off between Venom and The Vision? Or Rogue and Mr. Fantastic? Well wonder no more, weirdos, as we go through the Marvel Hugs bracket and figure it all out. When the dust settles the boys hug one another in triumph and relief, only to then start fist fighting over who hugs the best between them and how many arms are required for maximum comfort. Next week – DC!

Bishop also gets talked about a bit this eppy, but the time travel aspect to his whole deal means we don’t get very far. And we had to check in with Paste-Pot Pete, so they ate up some of his time. PLUS! The non-magical Wizard tries to wrangle Carnage, Forge goes insane, an axe man seeks redemption in the woods, and designer prison camp tattoos. Hug it out!

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