Gordy Tells Justin Comics [Episode 20]: Bakula, Dracula, Monterey Jackula



In an episode that is sure to inspire the FFFF community (Fan Fic For F-Sure) for years to come, Gordy asks Justin to help him sort through his confusing feelings about the X-Men. This quickly turns in to a discussion of venereal disease in the shape-changer community and Mystique’s time as a Chimp Shaman. So, everything works itself out in the end. Then they go over a couple of scamps Gordy has no confusion about, only a deep-seated and never-ending love: Longshot and Dazzler. Who’s got four fingers and a mullet? The guy who knocked up Galactus’s Disco Herald and gave birth to himself. That’s who.

ALSO! Ziggy’s terrible secret, the ghosts of steamboats past, Everybody Loves Shooter, and the true location of the Mojoverse.

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  • JulianWhatThe

    Great episode. I will keep it short because I’m calling Justin out and I don’t want to harp on it too much. But when voicing confusion over the title of the Scott Bakula Star Trek show he actually says Star Wars. I cam only imagine it was inadvertent, perhaps during a fit of code red madness. And it was under his breath so I can only assume this is how Gordy missed it and allowed it to make it to air, but I still feel as a super fan I must go on record as having put you on notice.