Gordy Tells Justin Comics [Episode 23] : The Joker is a Bad Guy w/ Josh & Atlas Engen


Josh Engen and his son Atlas sit in on today’s show to talk about all the hot button issues facing our society today. Is the Joker a good guy or a bad guy? What is an Octonaut? What’s the best position in a human centipede? And can Batman really fly? Once they solve all THOSE mysteries, they move on to maybe the biggest one of all: is the new Daredevil show really any good? We debut our new segment, “Justin, Judge and Jury,” and find out.

Also this eppy! Scarvel’s Baremevil, a Mad Men/TMNT crossover, a trip off the reddit bridge and into the darkweb, Comix Zone vs. Turtles in Time, and Gordy knows Bo, who knows baseball, so ipso facto Gordy knows baseball. Play balls!

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