Gordy Tells Justin Comics [Episode 24] : Double Stilt Football


If everything just feels right in the world to you today, it’s probably in no small part to this podcast and the heavy focus on Stilt-Man. You didn’t know you loved the world’s most obvious, high-tech peeping tom in history, but now you do. Know what else you probably love? Erotic mutant fan fiction. Just don’t read too much of it or you’ll end up face to face with Mephisto some day! Just kidding, never stop. Oh, and we dance around The Punisher for a bit, but as we all know, all roads lead back to Stilt-Man.

Also! HD sniffing, Bog McFarlane, NFL SuperPro 2.0 featuring Christian Okoye, NASCAR villains, and the mysteries surrounding the spooooky number 23.

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