Gordy Tells Justin Comics [Episode 26] : Olly Olly Odin Folk w/ Tyler Chin-Tanner


The spirits (or thetans) are with us on this week’s podcast as we spend the first half of the show unpacking some of the mystery behind the Angela character, formerly of Image but now a Marvel property. How does that happen? We’re still not *entirely* sure, but it does. After that the boys sit down with their guest Tyler Chin-Tanner, a writer and artist who’s currently out promoting the Kickstarter campaign for his latest project, The Broken Frontier Anthology. They talk about Tyler’s comics history, the realities of small-press publishing, managing a Kickstarter campaign, and just about everything in between.

Broken Frontier Anthology Kickstarter
A Wave Blue World

Check out the Kickstarter for The Broken Frontier and/or head over to brokenfrontier.com to learn more about the project and the incredible talent involve.

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