Gordy Tells Justin Comics [Episode 29] : Dairy to be Nipotent w/ Kuen Tang


We start things off this week with an impromptu discussion about a weirdo who slobbers on iced cream for a living, and that quickly spirals into an exploration of his comic book potential. Could The Aerator end up as Steam-Man’s number one villain? Is he a ten? Does being a ten make him a one?! Tune in and find out. Then we have an awesome chat with the incomparable letterer, adventurer, and activist, Kuen Tang. She’s been everywhere and done everything, and we talk about it all. Listen to the interview, then head on over to her site – kuentang.com – and check out her past and future works.

Also! Don’t cross the creams, the challenges of Witchblade hair and Liefeld feet, nature’s barreled water, and spooky Russian babies.

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