Gordy Tells Justin Comics [Episode 30] : Anaprez Rickwalker


We’re Eagle Free in ’73 this week as the boys talk about the President Teen in 2015. What do we mean? It’s difficult to say. After a look back at Prez and its definitive take on Dracula, we look to the future to see if this new relaunch holds up. So far, without Dracula, the answer is a tentative “no sir.” Then, after creating a Smokey the Bear for a new generation, we crawl into the muck of Marvel and DC’s big time event books, Convergence and Secret Wars (not to be confused with Divergent or the Iraq war).

Prez Dracula Watch – Month 1 – No Sightings.

PLUS! Pod challenges, New Pompei, Doom as your God, and our plans to make sure Justin can ask Jim Lee about Zealot again some day, even if it means Gordy’s imprisonment.

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  • Sebastien

    Glad you’re loving the Secret Wars! It’s been one of the better events I’ve read in a really long time! There’s just so many different good side series that all hold up very well, and the main story lines are all extremely good as well! The series also seem to be starting to bleed together slowly in a few of them, and it’s extremely cool to see some of these worlds colliding together! I’m excited for post secret-wars marvel now! Always quietly listening to the podcast!