Gordy Tells Justin Comics [Episode 32] : GTJC@SDCC 2015


Gordy made the journey to the San Diego Comic-Con this year and has a couple of things to say about it. Justin spent most of the weekend in a literal closet, but that seemed pretty cool too, so they also talk about that. Wanna know if Gordy found someone wearing his Beast hat at the con? How many cigarettes did he smoke with the drunk blue guy? Was he under surveillance by SCOOPS the entire time?! Likely. Was he under the surveillance of Jesus Christ as well?! Most assuredly.

PLUS! Guinan isn’t who we thought she was, hologram cowboy games, Gordy nearly gets impractically joked upon, the Cross-Fit/Hawkman experience, and hot tips for sneaking into conventions. Stay tuned at the end of the episode for Gordy’s random guy interview and clips from the Grant Morrison Multiversity panel Q&A session!

DOUBLE PLUS! HUGE thanks to Jonathan Hennessey for hooking Gordy up with the con pass. Be sure to check out his comic book epic Epochalypse, now out in trade form on Amazon, Comixology, and/or your local comic book store!

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  • JulianWhatThe

    It’s been a while since I’ve posted a comment but fear not, I am still an avid listener. I want to first apologize for pointing out Justin’s slip of the tongue on the whole Star Wars/Star Trek comment. I had no right calling you out and even attempting to take you to task. I’ve remained silent for so many episodes now mainly for this transgression. I have remained an avid listener and felt it was time to break my self-imposed vow of silence and just let you guys know super fan number 1 is still in your corner and loving the show! Good on ya’.

  • JB

    We all know Justin is infallible…and also inflatable.