Gordy Tells Justin Comics – [Episode 8] Santadook


Remember Christmas?! Well we do (kinda), thanks to an ever present reminder in the form of our third co-host, The Gentleman Ghost of Christmas Past. His icy presence is felt all throughout this episode as we talk about anything and everything other than comics. Hey, you try talkin’ comics when the looming evil of the Santadook is at your door! Come to think of it, there’s lots of evil covered in this podcast, including one of the bigger evils of all time – Hitler! Even as a purgatory baby, he still manages to leave his terrible mark on history. Smaller evils include Snyder’s Man of Steel, Gordy’s apocalypse nethers, clinically diagnosed Bergigo, and the New 52 Lobo. So clamp down on some Big League Chew, slam a Fresca, and get on base!

Plus – A shameful Lady GaGa reference, the gift of stuttering, old gods on new crotches, Hulk Hogan’s Tamp-A-Damp, and Gordy and Justin talk sports…big time. Touchdown?!

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