Grand Theft Auto V on PS4 Looks Even Better than I Hoped

gta downtownThe moment I started up Grand Theft Auto V on my new PS4, I knew I’d entered a different Los Santos. Yes, I realize it’s the same game world I hung around in on my Xbox 360, but the higher resolution and graphical prowess made it feel like a brand new city.

gta radio towerAfter porting over my online hooligan, I set out into the world. Heists were forgotten completely; all I wanted to do was drive around and look at the environment. I revisited areas I’d been to countless times before, viewing them in a glorious new light. And by the way, the lighting in this version is fucking stunning.

gta churchI spent a majority of my time taking snapmatics. If you’re familiar with my recently concluded “Grand Theft Auto V in Pictures” series, you’ll know that that’s something I love doing.

gta baazzarI couldn’t help but to grab my (in-game) phone and hit the (in-game) streets to snap a few pics as I gazed mouth agape at the sights. So I thought I would do an addendum to my now-defunct series and also highlight the marvelous, stunning achievement that Rock Star Games has pulled off.

gta los santosOne great new feature is the ability to lock the focus and adjust the zoom levels. This can lead to some interesting field of view juxtapositions, allowing for some pretty interesting results. Just look at that wall. So realistic, so very very realistic.

gta graffitiIf you like these, feel free to mosey on over to the Rock Star Social Club snapmatic page and search for my profile: JulianWhatThe. Make sure you check out my gallery as it continues to blossom.

gta flyersFor now, just enjoy the view..

gta construction