Gravity Rush on PS4 Is a Remake I Can Get Behind

Gravity Rush KatSony sure loves its remasters. Between The Last of Us, God of War 3, Final Fantasy X, and plenty of others, PlayStation 4 has practically become a hull house for new-gen remakes.

Of course, you can’t really blame Sony. Releasing a game that’s already successful is a publisher’s wet dream, and having a relatively new market just makes it easier.

I’m the sort of person that furrows his brow when remakes get more limelight than new releases. But the possibility of Gravity Rush, one of the finest games on Vita, coming to PS4 is something I can get behind. That’s a game that could legitimately use a remake.

gravity rush ps4I love the organic and mind-bending exploration of Gravity Rush. I love its graphic-novel-esque exposition, its cheery and playful protagonist, and its lighthearted soundtrack. But oh, how I want to slap its maker Project Siren upside the head for shoe-horning in some of the crap they did.

Why do you start Gravity Slides by holding the bottom corners of the screen? What, the shoulder buttons weren’t good enough? Why do you steer your slides by physically rotating the system? Is the D-pad just for decoration? And who in their right mind wants to shake their handheld every time they want to jump?

In the contest of launch titles, Gravity Rush ranks among the best. But even that couldn’t save it from the early release curse of crowbarring in obtuse mechanics designed specifically to flaunt the features of its hardware. So, I wouldn’t complain about seeing the game come to PS4.

I love my Vita to death, but I won’t deny that a DualShock 4 would be a far superior way to control Kat. A coat of HD paint wouldn’t hurt either. Besides, as not only a Vita game, but a Vita launch title, Gravity Rush is woefully underappreciated. It wouldn’t be a surprise to see Sony shout its name from the rooftops. It is the main reason the Vita survived its first fiscal year, after all, and PS4 owners have proven themselves nothing if not receptive to remakes.