Home: A Unique Horror Adventure Is More Than a Mystery

Home 1After some urging from my brother Gabe, I plunked down $5 and picked up Home: A Unique Horror Adventure. It was worth every penny, and it definitely lived up to its name.

At first, the choices the game presented to me felt ambiguous and inconsequential. Should I have taken the gun? Would it have made any difference? It was hard to believe that my actions held any weight.

I breezed past many of the game’s smaller elements and clues without so much of a thought, but when I saw the main character wondering what else he could have discovered, I wanted to go back and see more. Not knowing the impact of your choices adds to the game’s sense of mystery.

home gameBut does it even matter, any of it? Maybe, maybe not. The choices lend the overall narrative its weight and impact. It’s up to the player to determine how horrible the final blow is once it lands.

Ultimately, Home is about both questions and partial answers. You’re not just solving a mystery; you’re determining what that mystery is. Whether it’s incredibly terrible or just really unfortunate all depends on you.