Hot Pepper Gaming Makes Egoraptor Suffer for Our Enjoyment

Hot Pepper Gaming Makes Egoraptor Suffer for Our EnjoymentIf you haven’t heard of Egoraptor, you should totally go check out some of his work. In fact, his Mega Man X Sequelitis video is pretty much one of my favorite things on the Internet.

Well, he was recently forced (violently, I assume) to do a bit where he reviewed Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes after consuming a hot-as-hell ghost pepper. Yeah, forcing people to eat hot peppers and review games is the schtick over at Hot Pepper Gaming.

This makes me want to coerce Alcoholic Luigi to add one more person to his list of “Five Video Game Reviewers I’d Like to Have a Meal with (And What Meal It Would Be).” That’s right, Luigi, sit this guy down and share a big old plate of ghost peppers with this guy.

I triple dog dare you.

Anyway, enjoy the video below. It’s totally funny if you’re a sociopath. Those tears are real.