I Don’t Get Nintendo, but That’s Okay

The Wii U: Consumer Confusion EnsuesWith the release of Mario Kart 8, both Nintendo and the Wii U are once again worthy of print, at least for the next few weeks or so. Then, things will probably go dark until Super Smash Bros.comes out.

After that? Maybe there’s a Zelda title somewhere down the road. And there’s always Mario. It’s-a-him!

I grew up with Nintendo, and I loved the heck out of their consoles. But as the years rolled by, I lost whatever it was that once drew me to them. With Metroid, my favorite Nintendo IP, lost in space, I personally have no investment in this console or company. Especially since I can’t enjoy their games if I don’t have their hardware.

Super Mario 3D WorldNow I’m not trying to jump on the old kick-them-while-they’re-down bandwagon. There are enough wheels on that bus as is. And I’m most certainly not going to give them tips on how to win the day; that’s not my job, nor would I be qualified to do it if it was.

At the end of the day, it just doesn’t really matter. Millions of people still love this company and their games, and are at least willing to tolerate their business practices. More power to them.

Besides, it doesn’t matter if I no longer understand Nintendo fans see in Nintendo. It’s not like I actually have to hear about them other than the tiny window of time each year they’re relevant.