I Have No Reason for Starting so Many New Skyrim Games

I start new games in Skyrim all the time. Sometimes, I’ll play through until I finish a major questline, and then I’ll start a new game. Other times, I’ll have just finished getting the golden claw before start anew. You might think that because Skyrim gives you so many ways to play, I simply get excited about trying a new playstyle.

You would be entirely wrong, because that would be logical.

Half the time, I wind up creating the exact same character. Not just the same kind of stats, mind you. I have several mods that completely overhaul character creation to make different stat choices more pertinent, starting you with higher points in certain stats depending on what you choose. But almost every time, my characters are identical, from their stats to their appearance.

Skyrim ArmorI have no logical explanation for this. I don’t know why one character keeps my interest through several major questlines, yet the same character boring within minutes the next time around. All I can say is that it’s probably Josh W.’s fault somehow.