I Just Bought Don’t Starve

Don't Starve Angry FaceEven though I’m the sort of person who really hates games that punish you for existing, I just set down my hard earned money on Don’t Starve, as well as the DLC for it. Why? Because it was on sale on Steam.

Also, because it sounds vaguely like Minecraft, but with Lovecraftian creatures. That sounds genuinely interesting.

I’m watching the download go right now, and I’m busy thinking to myself about all the stories I’ve heard from our Editor in Chief, Josh W. I’m pretty sure that this game is going to utterly destroy me. And yet, I have no choice but to play it.

Don't StarveI mean, it’s a survival game that has Lovecraftian horrors. This is going to be awesome, right?

Of course it is. And if it’s not, I don’t want to hear about it.