I Want to Spend All My Money on Video Game Action Figures

Play-Asia is having a sale, which means I’m fighting the urge to spend every penny I have. Fancy action figures are my ultimate weakness. I’ve spent a terrifying amount of money importing toys from Japan, and I could easily spend a whole lot more.

It should be easy for me to resist temptation. I’m a writer, so I’m not exactly rollin’ in dough, and my house is already full of figures. But these toys, man! These toys.

Take the Monokuma Nendoroid for example. Danganronpa is a great game, and Monokuma is a great character. Even a bare bones figure would be pretty enticing.

Monokuma NendoroidBut they’ve taken things to the next level and made him a perfect recreation of his in-game sprite. Look at those faces! Look at that tiny gavel!

Accessories are another thing that hooks me. I mean, a Snake figure would be awesome on its own, but how am I supposed to resist one that comes with its own cardboard box?

Metal Gear Snake action figureThe worst part is that I don’t even have to like a game to drool over its toy line. I’ve never been much of a Digimon fan, so Digimon toys shouldn’t interest me, right? WRONG.

Digimon Imperial DramonI couldn’t tell you a single thing about Imperialdramon, but this toy is a thing of beauty. Look at those wings! Look at his weapons!

I can talk myself out of buying toys from games I don’t care about, but the games I love make it so much harder, I mean, how am I supposed to say no to Ardjet from Zone of Enders: The 2nd Runner? It’s my favorite Orbital Frame!

Revoltech Ardjet And what about S.H. Figuarts Mario? Just think of all the ways I could pose him! And look at all those accessories!

SH Figuarts MarioI’m pretty sure I’m fighting a losing battle here. At least when I’m sitting around in my apartment completely broke, I’ll have my toys to comfort me.