If MetaCon Had a Prom Queen, Her Name Would Be Deadpool

After spending three entire days at MetaCon in Bloomington, Minnesota, one thing was clear to me: Deadpool is insanely popular here.

Seriously, no matter where I went, Deadpool was there. He could be found hanging out with Spider-Man in the vendor suite, playing DDR in the game room, or turning the Cosplay Masquerade into a Deadpool-themed dance party. In fact, at one point I was aimlessly wandering around the Doubletree Hotel’s second floor, when I stumbled upon a panel room that had been hijacked by a trio of Deadpools. Oh yeah, Kick-Ass and Spider-Bat were there too, though at one point, Kick-Ass was replaced by a potted fern. I promise you, this actually happened.

So what goes on at an unplanned Deadpool MetaCon panel? I stopped in for a bit, mainly to find the answer to this question. (Of course, the fact that I had no less than five guns pointed at me may have had at least some influence on my decision).

The panel included three Deadpools answering absurd audience questions, Princess Luna delivering cupcakes to the panelists, and Spider-Man being the butt of as many jokes as possible. At one point, a Deadpool even threw a bunch of grenades into the audience while shouting “Pineapple surprise!” (The grenades weren’t actually real, hence my living to tell this tale.)

To underscore his popularity, Deadpool won a “Best in Show” award at the aforementioned Cosplay Masquerade, which allowed him (three of him, in fact) to dance on stage at the closing ceremonies without being escorted from the building. At one point during this ceremony, there was a “Deadpool!” chant, and one person even recommended changing the name of the con to DeadpoolCon. (Then again, the person who made the suggestion may have been one of the Deadpools.)

Needless to say, if you attended MetaCon 2012, you probably have at least one memory involving the ol’ “Merc with a Mouth.” And there’s a pretty good chance that the memory was a good one. So thank you, Deadpool, for doing all the absurd things you did. We thoroughly enjoyed every moment of it.

UPDATE: Okay, so I have been notified of this thing that is now a thing: DeadpoolCon Facebook page. Let’s make this happen.

  • http://www.blogtv.com/people/velmax30 Jake Andrajack velmax from thatguywiththeglasses.com as kick-ass

    WOW!1 this is an awsome suprise to find!1 ME(KICK-ASS/BOB) and the other members of the Pool-Party, are honored to be on this site, and this article. thanks so much, and we hope to have DEAD-CON, to be official!1 thanks to the META-CON staff, friends, the other deadpools, and fans for your support!1

  • Karnoire

    On the first day, I was in the game room and two Deadpools were playing that other DDR-like game against each other. My friend and I couldn’t agree on whether Deadpool or Deadpool would win.
    (If you’re wondering, Deadpool won.)