If You Have a Choice, Don’t Play Daylight on PS4

If You Have a Choice, Don't Play Daylight on PS4Daylight did a good job of showing Shelby Reiches and myself that the night is dark and full of terrors. However, he and I had different experiences in how long we had to wait to confront them, based on our PC builds. Save for a decent load time at the start of my session, I didn’t experience any delays at all.

After playing the PlayStation 4 version of the game, though, I can feel some of his pain.

I spent a decent amount of time with multiple plays through the PC version of Daylight, so I hopped into the PS4 iteration to see if anything felt expressly different. The controls were comfortable enough — I was pleased to find the left trigger usable for the sprint function. It certainly looked pretty and ran at a consistent frame rate. The core experience was intact.

But oh, the loading times.

It started with the initial load that I experienced on PC, but before entering the first procedurally generated area, I found myself staring at a closed set of double-doors while an uninformative pie chart spun away to indicate that the game wasn’t ready for me to enter. So, I waited, glowstick in hand.

And waited.

… And waited.

After a few minutes, I was finally able to enter, and everything was honky dory. But here’s the thing: I spent a fair amount of time exploring that initial starting area before waiting at this door. During that time, the procedurally generated area is apparently also doing some of the loading ahead of time — this period was enough that I never saw an additional load time on my PC. But even though I was taking my good old time, it still wasn’t enough to negate a few more minutes of loading when I was ready to proceed on the PlayStation 4.

If You Have a Choice, Don't Play Daylight on PS4Not everyone has a solid gaming PC. For those who have no choice, Daylight is still a serviceable horror game that is worth the cheap asking price on the PS4. If you’ve got a decent build, though, stick with the PC.

Oh yeah — I also took this opportunity to try the game’s “Hard” mode, and I can unequivocally say: don’t bother. It begins with the same palpable fright but quickly deteriorates into monotone irritation when your foes are literally spawning every five seconds with near-insta-kill effectiveness. If you’re looking for a good excuse for some solid eye-rolling, though, then have at it, I guess.