I’m Cautiously Optimistic About Starbound for PS4

Starbound PS4I have this weird tendency to buy games over and over again (I’m the guy who went through 7 copies of Terraria, after all). I also have this much less weird tendency to really dig space exploration games (the upcoming No Man’s Sky sounds like it’s going to be great).

So when Starbound lands on PS4, I’ll almost certainly be picking up another copy, despite the fact that I already own it for PC.

Since my laptop has decided that it’s pretty much done playing games at this point, being able play the low-bit, 2D space sandbox game on a console will be quite wonderful.

But I’m a little worried about how the controls will feel. While I’ve put in my fair share of time with Terraria on consoles (7 copies, remember?), my biggest complaint was that the controls never felt intuitive, the way the mouse and keyboard did on PC. Since Starbound is incredibly similar to Terraria, I fear the controls will be equally as awkward.

StarboundThen again, it’s possible we’ll see a completely different control scheme that feels really great. Maybe Chucklefish will completely blow the minds of DualShock fans of all stripes. My fingers are crossed, though my expectations are low.

Starbound for PS4 is, at the time of this writing, still without a proper release date, and they seem to have missed their original launch window of the exceptionally vague “2014.” When it finally does come out, I’ll probably pick it up and love it whether I like the way it controls or not.

Of course, there is another space exploration game that might steal my attention this year…