I’m Going Bonkers Over PlayStation Vita Wallpapers!

Editor’s Note: Jenni’s eyes were recently opened to the wonderful world of PlayStation Vita wallpapers. The interesting thing is that, over the course of this week’s column, you can see her sanity slowly start to unravel as she gets pulled deeper and deeper into the never-ending void of customization options. Um, yeah, so we should probably check on her to make sure she’s okay. But in the meantime, check out some of her favorite wallpaper picks.

I recently bought a Vita. Well, recently is a bit of an exaggeration, since I cashed in all my GameStop credit from almost the past two years to get it just after E3, but my new handheld and I are still in that honeymoon stage so I figure a little excitement is still alright. It’s justified even.

The irony is, it isn’t the Vita games I’m excited about; it’s everything else. The first day of Vita ownership, I was marveling at the unlock screen. I’m sure you’re rolling your eyes now, but once you get to know me better you’ll accept that a nifty “sticker” interface where I pull a sheet off to open the system is bound to amuse. Especially since I went with this unlock screen the second I learned I could customize it.

It’s Pinkie Pie! Isn’t that awesome? It really is awesome. Did you see the zippers? It actually tears along the zippers when it opens. That is just fabulous. You can grab it from WhiteString’s DeviantArt page if you need it in your life.

Now, weeks after having a Vita in my possession, I’m still marveling over the customization options. Touch My Katamari? Oh, I beat that four days after picking up a used copy. Disgaea 3: Absence of Detention? I guess it’s pretty cool. But there are more important things at stake! I have to center a whole theme around dragons! In fact, I wonder if I can find a really awesome piece of art online that I can stretch out to a five-page Vita wallpaper layout.

There we go. I just did! It’s Kerembeyit’s “First Lesson”, in case you were curious.

In case you haven’t noticed, that’s what will be my downfall. Sure, all these extra features are super exciting right now. It’s good stuff. However, it can’t last. I’m enamored with my new dragons right now, which replaced a more practical theme that kept all my games and apps organized by type.

In case you were wondering, I Hijacked this one from the first page of the NeoGAF Vita wallpaper thread.

Sorry. Let me get back on track. As much as I love the system Sony’s put into place, it’s too much. I love my dragons now, but I’m guessing this affair will be over in two weeks. Maybe three. Then I’ll move onto the next thing which, if it’s lucky, will last until the Persona 4 Golden release date is pinned down. When that happens, I’ll of course have to switch to a Persona 4 Golden scheme. I’ll probably even have to change the lockscreen.

Perhaps to something like this.

Made that one myself from fan art I found online and the Vita Background Generator.

Don’t even get me started on the transparent wallpapers. I don’t want to even think about it, because then I’m going to be tempted to try and make some of my own. If you don’t know what I’m talking about and you own a Vita, try grabbing and using a .png wallpaper on your system. I found this awesome Patapon one in the massive NeoGAF Vita wallpaper thread, and it’s blown my mind.

There’s only one way to cure all this. Sony has to institute a feature in a future Vita firmware upgrade that allows users to save their wallpaper and icon settings as a theme. Then you can switch between layouts without worrying about cleaning house and reorganizing everything each time your mood changes or a game gets released.

In the meantime, I’m thinking about picking up Gravity Rush, so I should really start looking into some wallpapers that match it.

Oh. My. Gawd. Is that Furi Kuri?

  • Sean Engemann

    Thanks for the eye-opener Jenni, now I’ll have to put down the Vita games for a few to personalize my screens. I’m going all old-school RPG! BOOYA!
    Do pick up Gravity Rush. I had to review it, and find myself still playing. The story (while a little “out there”) is really great, and Kat is an awesome hero to play.
    There’s a sweet screenshot with Kat and Raven (another great character), just before a town is invaded, that would make a great wallpaper. Or anything with Kat in her schoolgirl costume 😉
    Enjoy :-)

  • r21

    thanks for the nice read and hope you havent got full mental XD btw, nice pinkie pie lock screen >:D