I’m Totally Not Jealous of All the PS4 Owners on Staff

Alcoholic LuigiAs you’ve probably noticed, there are at least two PS4s here in the GeekParty Mansion. One is owned by Josh W., our Editor in Chief. The other is owned by one of the lesser writers, Julian. I just want to take this opportunity to express my opinion of this.

I am not at all jealous, and I couldn’t care less.

When Josh W. talks about playing Diablo III with some of the other staffers, I don’t sit there and remember how much fun I had with Diablo II. And I certainly don’t sit there and wish I could join him in that fun.

BagAnd just because Minecraft looks absolutely amazing on the PS4 doesn’t mean I give half a shit when Josh and Julian talk about playing it together. I mean, I have Minecraft on the only console it’s really designed to be played on: the PC.

In fact, I so don’t care about all the PS4 fun that’s happening around the GeekParty Mansion that I felt the need to write this article, which explains exactly how much I don’t care.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go cry forever.