In Capcom’s Haunting Ground for PS2, You Must Learn to Hide or Die

Haunting GroundImage source: Clock Tower Wikia

Capcom is known for their dabbles into survival horror games; Resident Evil coined the term “survival horror,” after all. But what you might not know is that they released a little hidden gem of a spin-off from the Clock Tower series – Haunting Ground ( also known as Demento in Japan).

The game places you int he shoes of a girl with absolutely no powers. Not even a weapon. The best protection you have is a dog that you befriend, but otherwise, prepare to spend this game running and hiding. That’s right, hiding. And if you don’t want to get captured and killed, you’d better not hide in the same spot more than once.

And then there’s that fact that your character has panic attacks. If she gets hit too many times and shaken up too badly, your entire screen starts freaking out. If you push her to a point of no return all she does is run. As fast as she can. Into everything, because you’re an idiot who fought when you should’ve run.

You then have to wait for her little episode to end before you can do anything, and God forbid anyone catches you in this time, because you’re as good as dead.

hg2Image source: Clock Tower Wikia

Your main villain for a brunt of the game is a big guy that will make you think what if Sloth from the Goonies really had been evil? There’s some underlying theme of dolls and babies, because what horror isn’t complete without those? And the female homunucli that shows up through the game is positively unnerving.

Overall, this game leaves me rattled, which is exactly what a horror game should do. It’s incredible, though be prepared to drop some money on this PlayStation 2 game, because it didn’t receive mass production like other Capcom games and it’s a pretty rare find.

Not convinced yet? Take a peek at the amazing intro.