In Majora’s Mask for 3DS, Jabu Jabu Fishing Might Be a Thing

Majora's Mask - LinkThere seems to be some speculation over at The Legend of Zelda Reddit board concerning a fishing mechanic that was omitted from the original Majora’s Mask but will be included in the 3DS remake. It appears as if there was, at one point, an alternate way to possibly curtail the moon’s decent, thus saving humanity (or Hylian-manity or whatever).

The details come from an old IGN interview with Shigeru Miyamoto that one Reddit user dug from the ancient past (the ancient past being 1999, of course). IGN writes:

The fishing sequence present in Ocarina of Time will be enhanced. Miyamoto comments, “Rather than taking the fishing part of the last game to extremes, we want to do something new with it. Like ‘Jabu Jabu’ fishing.” As you may remember, Jabu Jabu — a gigantic fish — was the deity to the Zora in Ocarina of Time. Link journeyed into the belly of Jabu Jabu to save princess Ruto’s life.

Miyamoto, unwilling to reveal all the details surrounding the enhanced fishing mini-game, did offer Famitsu this: “If you catch the ‘Jabu Jabu,’ it may cause things like stopping the fall of the moon.”

Majora's MaskIn a recent interview with Famitsu magazine (shared by the lovely folks at Siliconera), Zelda series producer Eiji Aonuma talked about the fishing minigame making a return:

“You’ll get to fish! Although… it makes you wonder whether you’ll have that free time to fish in the world of Majora’s Mask,” Aonuma say with a laugh. “So we’ve added fishing ponds. Two of them, too. There might be something monstrous you could fish out, so please look forward to it.”

The Reddit post speculates that this “something monstrous you could fish out” is referring to Jabu Jabu.

This sounds like a pretty radical addition to the update and a missed opportunity for the original. I am all for re-releases of games that not only get a graphical boost or control scheme overhaul but also go the extra step and add to the game itself.

Majora's Mask -  MoonAnd what better game than Majora’s Mask? Everyone and their mamas loved Ocarina of Time (I did as well, for the record), but, for my money, Majora’s Mask is the better 64 title. It was the game that opened my eyes to the concept of time-based gameplay, and the way it handled side quests and activities in a world that was ending left an indelible mark.

Jabu Jabu fishing might be just another reason to jump back in and give it a second glance through adult eyes.

Now all I need is a 3DS…