In Space We Brawl’s Tutorial Is Harder than Some Entire Games

in space we brawlIn Space We Brawl offers an interesting take on the tutorial in that it doesn’t actually have one. What you do get is the “Challenges” section, a series of 21 missions meant to simultaneously introduce you to the game and frustrate the crap out of you. Not the ideal combination!


We grew close, this screen and I.

Each mission is meant to teach you a core facet of the game, then grade you on your performance. Guiding you through these missions are a parade of smart-ass automatons who communicate solely in discrete chunks of text.

Many chunks. That you must skip manually.

If it were a normal tutorial, this would be fine, but this is a challenge mode that you’ll most likely fail. If you’re me, you’ll fail a lot, and each failure means going back to the Challenges menu and starting all over again.

"Unless you fail this mission, then I guess I'll have to."

“Unless you fail this mission, then I guess I’ll have to.”

And since you can only unlock further tutorials missions if you get a passing grade, I’m not sure I’ll ever actually learn how to play this game.