In Space We Brawl’s Voice Packs Present A Missed Opportunity

In Space We Brawl

Over the last few years, voice packs and Announcers have become a common staple in multiplayer gaming; they’re a great way to bring some additional excitement and levity to any number of in-game situations. And with the evolution of DLC, they’ve also become a great way to supplement a game’s sales.

In Space We Brawl is packaged with a number of extremely entertaining voices, but they’re never really utilized.

Nearly every vocal stereotype is represented, but, beyond a very quick countdown, they’re almost never heard. In most other games, this would typically be the only area of a game to utilize voice packs, so it’s quite strange to see the effort wasted.

Additionally, the word usage among all of the voices is exactly the same, because they only reiterate whatever’s written on your screen, which further strips them of any chance to have a distinct personality.

I spent the first 10 minutes of this game cycling through the voices and menus because I genuinely liked the voice actors’ performances. Unfortunately, the limitations I’d go on to discover in both the “script” and the match play make the voice packs feel like an afterthought at best and quite an annoyance at worst.

Even if you love like the languid drawl of Cheng and the stuffy bark of Clayton, you can only listen to them repeat the name of your ship or announce your arrival at the main menu so many times before it’s time to drop that voice volume option to zero.