In The Last Of Us Remastered, Attention to Detail Is the Biggest Draw

last of us remasteredLook, I might be late to the party (and I may also have had to backtrack a bit from early assessments), but I fully admit that The Last of Us Remastered is fantastic. I haven’t been this immersed in a linear action game in a very long time.

I could go on and on about the things I love about the game, from the beauty of the world to the genuine likability of the various characters to the satisfying nature of the visceral combat. But for me, the biggest draw, the thing that catapults The Last of Us into the upper echelon of gaming and sets it apart from other titles I’ve played, is the level of attention given to the little details.

About halfway through the campaign, I came across a house and found a chess set sitting on the coffee table.

the last of us chessA few of the pieces were missing and had been replaced with other found objects. When I came across another chess set later on, I was pleasantly surprised to see that it not only had all of its pieces, but had them arranged in a different configuration.

The posters along the wall in this kid’s room are all highly detailed, depicting very believable movies and possibly even game franchises.

the last of us posters 1On the opposite wall, there are a few more posters that offer a more detailed glimpse into the pop culture established for the world of The Last of Us. This room is completely unique and different from every room I’ve been in.

the last of us posters 2The posters themselves pop up elsewhere, which makes sense — that’s what happens with any popular movie or band or video game. However, the placement is always varied and feels very purposeful. Joel’s daughter’s room, for example, is vastly different from this one.

the last of us shower curtainItems as mundane as shower curtains differ from house to house. This alone is a fantastic example of the level of detail found in this game, as the bathrooms usually don’t offer much in the way of collectible items. These little details simply exist to add variety and make the world of the game feel more real.

Even when the decor is slightly lackluster (as is the case with the wilderness painting below), something about it feels right. Duller decorations still fit in with the overall motif of a home’s decor. This house is filled with pictures of the wilderness or wildlife. Notice the fowl in the painting on the far wall in the right side of the frame.

the last of us paintingEven this barren, ransacked, dingy little kitchen has its own unique identity.

the last of us kitchenThere’s a lot of hype regarding the graphical prowess of current gen consoles, especially when it comes to how insanely realistic everything looks. It’s true that graphics can go a long way towards immersing a player in a game’s world.

But for my money, it’s not flashy set pieces, but little details that make or break a game. And The Last of Us Remastered knocks it out of the park