In The Witcher 3, Questions Mark the Spot

Witcher mapThe Witcher 3: Wild Hunt has me addicted — and that’s largely because of the question marks that dot the in-game map. It is just as addictive as orb collecting in Crackdown, or feather collecting in Assassin’s Creed. But unlike those games, The Witcher 3 manages to reward the effort with meaningful interactions and encounters.

You never know if what lies ahead is a bandit camp filled with the spoils — and horrors — of their conquests. Or a monster nest in need of eradicating. Or perhaps it will be a guarded chest with some foul, incredibly over-powered tyrant skulking about intent on prohibiting Geralt from reaping the rewards that await inside.

It has become an obsession of min, going from town to town in search of notice boards that speak of mysterious activities or suspicious happenings. Then I simply check the map, assign a marker, and off I go. Even when I’m on an active mission, I plot my course according to any area question marks that are even remotely close to my destination.

It’s an addiction, I admit. And I absolutely love it.