Internet Arcade Review: Bull Fight

Bull FightBull Fight was released in 1984 by Sega. I don’t know who came up with the concept for the game, but I like to think it was a man by the name of Tyler Everett. Now, I’ve never met this Tyler Everett, but I choose to believe that he was a family man rooted firmly in the idea of community and rigidly followed the Jesuit teachings of his Pastor: Calvin Alverson.

You see, Calvin was a modest man who unfortunately lived beyond his means. There was in fact no limit to his thirst for extravagance and glamour. And it was ultimately this gluttonous character flaw that would lead to his downfall along a path toward destruction, vice and finally death.

A lesson Tyler Everett would take to heart, one that would inform his decision to make the gloriously, surprisingly callous and brutal Bull Fight.

You play as Don Jose, a bullfighter; tasked with fighting, well bulls. It’s not exactly rocket science or rootbeer jello, but it is pretty darn fun. You roam around a ring and lure a bull into charging your cape that you wave around. Then you stab and kill the bull and watch as blood first seeps from the gaping sword wound, then erupts from the bull’s mouth and nostrils as it lies lifeless on the floor of the arena. It’s sweet.

The graphics are also solid considering the constraints that Tyler Everett was working under at the time.