Is Using a Keyboard and Mouse on a Console Cheating?

I’ve never been particularly good with a control pad, but it’s not for lack of trying. These days I spend far more time twiddling thumbsticks than crunching keys. But my formative years were spent behind the keyboard and mouse, and my brain never really made the transition.

Old dogs and new tricks, I guess.

But for the last two weeks, I’ve been playing around with an impressive little device called the Titan One. It’s primarily designed to provide cross-compatibility for control pads. So, for example, you could use a DualShock 4 on an Xbox One or a Wiimote on a PlayStation 3. Nearly every popular control pad/console combination is supported, including the keyboard and mouse, which instantly felt like cheating.

Titan OneOn a control pad, my Titanfall scores are unimpressive. I typically land somewhere in the middle of the pack with a kill-to-death ratio that hovers around 1:1. But with a keyboard and mouse under my fingers, my Xbox One is transformed into a killing machine. Headshots come easy, and my ratio climbs into the double digits.

I suppose it’s possible that I’ve just been having a particularly lucky streak and Titanfall’s matchmaking system will eventually flatten my stats, but I can’t help but feel like the Titan One offers an unfair advantage.

Plus, part of console gaming’s appeal has to do with shared hardware. No one person has an edge, because everyone is using the exact same setup. It’s a level playing field.

But some of us will never be comfortable with a control pad, so we’re left with several unappealing options: 1. Continue to use a control pad and accept mediocrity. 2. Abandon our current collection of console gamer friends and embrace the PC super race. 3. Play through a Titan One and admit that we’re probably cheaters.

I suppose I could just use the Titan One and never admit to cheating, which would be easier on my ego. All I’d need to do is ignore the facts and create my own private version of reality.

In a related story, I have also become a creationist.

  • Jeremy

    I am interested in buying this, but I can’t find out what exactly I need to hook up my keyboard and mouse to the XB1. Do I only need the Titan One? Do the keyboard and mouse connect directly into the Titan One or does that all have to pass through my PC? Cheating or not, I too cannot use a control pad and want to use my keyboard and mouse on my XB1. Any help would be so much appreciated!