It Happened; I Finally Sold My PS Vita for a Nintendo 3DS XL

I was high on the Vita — or maybe I was high thinking the Vita would ever live up to its potential. I was one of the few that bought it at launch. $250 for a Wi-fi model was a little pricey, but come on, Uncharted on a handheld? What’s not to love?

Well, then I beat Uncharted: Golden Abyss and Rayman Origins, and MLB 12: The Show didn’t hold my attention, as I preferred to play it on my PlayStation 3. Then I played the waiting game. To this day, there hasn’t been another game released that I absolutely had to play. Gravity Rush finally came out, yet I was so down on the handheld by then that I didn’t care about playing it.

A combination of no solid updates from Sony, overpriced games (including downloads) and a lack of software gave the Vita very little purpose. Vita is Latin for life, so I find it funny that a system named that has so little life to it. So what did I do? I put it on Craigslist. The problem was that no one wanted to buy it for the $200 I was asking. That included a case, headphones and 4GB memory card. All they wanted to do was trade me a PSP and used condoms. For about a month I kept posting on there to no avail.

Finally, my wife told me to just trade it in to GameStop. So I called and asked how much they were offering for a Wi-fi PS Vita. I figured they’d offer no less than $130. Boy, was I wrong. $95. I shit you not. I asked if there were any trade-in promotions, and they said that price was with the promotion, as it would normally get me $75 in trade-in value. That’s right, a system barely played that cost $250 new, only gets you $75-$95 at GameStop. So I went to Amazon, posted it, and within eight hours it sold for $189.99.

So fuck you, GameStop.

What am I doing with that money?

I’m buying a Nintendo 3DS XL with it. I have a Mario void in my life, and that’s going to help fill it. There are just so many games out for the handheld that not only interest me, but even my wife (who isn’t a gamer). She was addicted to Animal Crossing years ago, to the point where she didn’t play for three days, went back into the game, and felt guilty when the town’s citizens were kind of rude to her. That’s when she stopped gaming.

So I’m finally going to go with a handheld from a company that’s done it right for so many years, has a track record of good games for their handheld, and is only getting stronger. That and Sony (as a company) is having some trouble. See ya later, Sony. I have my PS3 and will continue to enjoy that, but for now I’m going to venture into the handheld world of 3D, New Super Mario Bros. 2 and maybe even a little Animal Crossing. I’ll keep you updated on whether my wife become addicted again.

  • Josh Wirtanen

    Right before Sound Shapes came out? Damn.

    • Lance Liebl

      Joke? Lol… preorderd New Super Mario Bros. 2. Anyone have recommendations for 3DS games?

      • Jake Valentine

        I can’t stop playing Theatrhythm

        • Shelby Reiches

          Personally, I’m dying for Code of Princess.

      • Jenni Lada

        Theatrhythm is fantastic. So’s Tales of the Abyss, Mario Kart 7, Devil Survivor Overclocked and even Kingdom Hearts 3D. I also suggest grabbing Pushmo from the eShop. Resident Evil Revelations is also really good.

        It’s really shaping up to be an awesome handheld! Let me know if you get Mario Kart 7 for multiplayer!

  • Zoran Iovanovici

    These stories serve as a great public service reminder to any potential early adopters. I haven’t bought a 3DS or Vita yet, but I’m looking forward to the day I can get a pink 3DS XL to play the upcoming Epic Mickey 2.

  • Hitter23

    I love my 3ds and i cant wait to get a 3ds xl
    I love playin pokemon white and kid icarus mario cart waz fun too and i wanna get resident evil i love resident evil on my xbox360

  • Hitter23

    I still thinkin of gettin the vita also tho i love tha hardware

  • mike

    Down graded