I’ve Officially Arrived at the PS4 Party

JulianAh, birthdays… A time of reflection and taking stock of one’s life. A sobering reminder that with another year under the belt, we are that much closer to shuffling off this mortal coil.

It’s also a time for unexpected gifts and getting intoxicated.

The drinks will surely flow this year, but for me, the gifts have  blown everything else out of the water. See, I’ve already gotten one of my birthday presents, and it’s a shiny new PS4!

sad julian

I’m sorry… I promised myself I wouldn’t cry.

That’s right folks. The wonderful lady in my life gifted me with a PS4! Mind you, she hates all things gaming that don’t involve Word Crack or Mario. But to my surprise,  I found a PS4 The Last of Us edition nonchalantly sitting in the back of her car. She played it coy, and I tried to match her level of cool, all the while brimming with childish jubilance and boyish, almost infantile glee.

Add to that the extra unexpected surprise that my brother gifted me with, a PS Vita and I’m in full-on “gonna faint” mode.

Finally, I have arrived at the PS4 party, and I must say it is glorious. Drinks for everyone!

Thanks John.