Josh Plays Far Cry 4 – Shanath Breeders Outpost, Undetected

Far Cry 4 StealthI spent the vast majority of my weekend playing Far Cry 4, a fact that I should probably be at least a little bit ashamed of. I put in enough time to hone my outpost-capturing skills, though, which I’m quite thankful for.

See, one of my absolute favorite parts of Far Cry 3 was attempting to liberate enemy outposts without being detected or triggering any alarms. This often took a good deal of skill and planning, especially in the later portion of the game. I remember obsessively restarting the outposts over and over again until I could get a perfect Undetected run on just about all of them.

This is a thing that has returned in Far Cry 4, so, once again, I’ve been working at getting undetected outpost runs.

I’ve uploaded my run of the Shanath Breeders outpost, because I’m particularly proud of my skill at clearing this one.

It includes the new Hunter enemy class, which has a few abilities that make it a particularly tricky adversary. First, they are quite a bit stealthier than other enemies, so when you tag them with your camera or by using the Hunting Syringe, the tag fades away far sooner than it does for other enemies. Plus, Hunters have control over animals, so if you enjoy causing havoc by uncaging wild beasts, this can severely backfire on you if there are Hunters around.

This run has a few intense moments, and I especially love the animation for the stealth kill of the guy sitting in the chair. There was a brief period of panic where I thought I may have blown it on the last enemy, but I ended up getting the final stealth kill in an especially cinematic fashion.

Anyway, here’s the video:

  • Tim Evans

    This game looks awesome. I really need to get an Xbone or PS4.