Julian Is Completely Wrong about Skyrim’s DLC

Skyrim ArmorOur own Julian Watkins recently described Skyrim‘s DLC as dumb, cheap, and lazy. Since I’m the GeekParty writer who likes to go on about Skyrim all the time, I feel as though I should respond to his statements.

He’s as stupid as he is wrong.

I did say The Completionist was right to dislike Skyrim, and I stand by that. But Julian doesn’t have the same problems The Completionist does. He doesn’t feel like he has to 100% complete the DLC; he just thinks it’s dumb and pointless.

The truth is that Dawnguard added a lot of interesting things, even if the main questline wasn’t as interesting as it could have been. The vampire lord may have had trouble getting through doorways, but that’s the price you pay for being evil. I don’t know about you, but since I’m not an evil asshole, I never choose to be a vampire, anyway.

Vampire LordPlus, the crossbow is far more interesting than the vampire lord perks, which means if Julian had been playing the DLC correctly, he might have had more fun.

And if he’s going to complain about random attacks from the opposing faction, why doesn’t he complain about random dragon attacks? Or random draugr attacks in tombs? Hell, any attack from any enemy in the game could be considered a “random attack.”

Hearthfire may feel like part of the game proper that got cut, but the fact remains that it wasn’t part of the game proper. Adopting children and arranging my homes is one of my favorite parts of the sandbox. The homes and the adopted children are one of the many toys Skyrim lets you play with, and my game just doesn’t feel right without them.

The fact that he never got Dragonborn is further proof of how wrong he is. Dragonborn contains some of the best quests in the game, to the point that I often head to Solsthiem before the Miraak cultists try to kill me. But of course, Julian wouldn’t understand what fun is, obviously.

In closing, Julian is dumb, and his face is dumb, and if he wasn’t so dumb he’d understand that the Skyrim DLC is awesome.