Killer Instinct – Scumbag Spinal

Killer Instinct SpinalUpon its initial release, the Xbox One launch title Killer Instinct only featured 6 playable characters, plus “Shadow Jago,” an evil version of the franchise’s popular Ryu analogue only available to Xbox Live Gold members. Further characters, stages, skins, and other changes were to be added later through DLC updates. On January 31, 2014, the first new cast addition (Spinal, the famous skeletal pirate from the original KI games) was finally released.

As players have made their way through the likes of Ranked Matches with the character, various bugs have been found, not the least of which is a glitch wherein his teleportation move completely crashes the game when used in certain scenarios. This is doubly frustrating given the faulty new “Rage Quit Jail” feature implemented in the same update, wherein any disconnect (rather than the suggested disconnect percentage of 15% and up) might find you labeled you as a pesky rage quitter for a minimum of 24 hours, complete with a prison-bar icon beside your gamer tag! This status also means you can only play against others currently “in jail.”

Overall, what should have been an exciting new update to the title has thus far been touchy at best, and as such, we feel the following may be appropriate:

Scumbag SpinalIt must be noted however that the game’s developer Double Helix is well aware of the issues with Spinal and the Rage Quit Jail and are currently looking to find a solution. Though the game is only just over two months old, Double Helix has proven to hold a strong interest in community feedback and we are sure Killer Instinct players hoping to finally enjoy some frustration-free matches with the much anticipated Spinal will be able to do so in short order.