Latest Star Fox Confirms I’ll Buy a Wii U

StarfoxThere have been a number of things that make me think I might want a Wii U. Hyrule Warriors, for example, gives me the ability to play as Princess Zelda (though not immediately, which bugs me). Mario Kart 8 was a lot of fun. And Bayonetta 2 looks fantastic. Plus, there’s going to be an open world Zelda game, which sounds a lot like Skyrim to me. So that’ll be a thing.

But more than anything, I want a Wii U for Star Fox.

There has not been a Star Fox game I haven’t loved (though I should point out that I don’t consider Star Fox Adventures a Star Fox game; it has to be about flying to be a Star Fox game, dammit).

I loved the original Star Fox for the SNES. I loved Star Fox 64, and pretty much feel it’s the only reason to buy an N64 (which was why I never bought one — there’s only one game I want to play on it). I loved Star Fox Command for the DS, and I felt that it was one of the only DS games that genuinely tried to do something interesting with the touchpad and microphone.

So when I’m told there will be a new game in the series, and that it will be coming out this year, I get excited. I seriously cannot wait. Normally, I’d suggest that Josh W. buy a copy, but when it comes to Star Fox, I think I need a Wii U of my own.