Living the Cinderellife

You don’t know me? Well you should. I’m the hottest ticket at The Castle, the up-and-coming star of Neo-Ginza.

Say my name. You heard me, say my name. That’s right, I’m But-R Fly. I’m pulling in at least ¥800,000 per night. My milkshake brings both Tuxedo Mask and Lupin III to the yard. Y’all can’t even play.

I don’t even have to try, son. You know how much I can make on one customer? I can pull in over ¥500,000 on a single client. Because that’s how I roll.

girls rpg cinderellife
You see this kimono? You know how I got it? Hostessing!

girls rpg cinderellife
This nicely furnished room? Hostessing!

girls rpg cinderellife
This modest dress? Well, to be honest, one of my friends bought it for me… A friend I met while hostessing!

I’m on top of the world. Can’t nobody break my stride, can’t nobody slow me down. I have got it down. Shop all day, so I can properly represent when I hostess all night. Because this Cinderella? She’s doing it for herself. Forget running to some prince to save me. Fool! I’m gonna take that prince for all he’s got and use that to finance my own kingdom.

Because Neo-Ginza is my world now, and these “customers” are just lucky I let them live in it.