Lucas Amiibo Is Coming, I Can Die Happy

lucas smash brosWhen Lucas was cut from the Super Smash Bros. roster, I was a little heartbroken. It’s not that I wanted to play as him — he’s too defense-heavy for my taste — it’s that I wanted Lucas, period. Mother 3 means more to me than almost any piece of entertainment in existence, and since Nintendo refuses to release the game here, Lucas’ presence in Smash is as good as it gets.

Thankfully, Nintendo has taken steps to remedy this grievous error. The latest Nintendo Direct confirmed that Lucas will be coming to Smash this June as a DLC character.

And, far more importantly, Lucas is going to be getting an amiibo.

lucas amiiboThe Lucas amiibo doesn’t have a release date yet — Nintendo said they’d be releasing him “sometime in the future” — but I can wait as long as it takes. Eventually, there will come a day when I hold a Lucas amiibo in my hands.

When I’m having a bad day, I can think about how cute my new amiibo will look sitting alongside Ness. When I’m feeling down, I can fantasize about buying two Lucas amiibo figures and having one of them customized to look like Klaus.

lucas and klaus smash brosSo thank you, Nintendo. You may be a bunch of Mother 3-trolling meanies, but today, you made my wildest dreams come true.

  • Tim Evans

    Klaus… :'(