Luigi vs. Link – GeekParty’s Super Smash Bros. Amiibo Tournament

Super Smash Bros. LinkIt’s a rumble between the boys in green, as Luigi and Link hop into the Super Smash Bros. ring. (If you’re curious about the rules of this little tournament we’ve put together, check out this link for a description.)

Our Zelda fans are showing their stripes here, as we’re rooting for Link this match (to our own Alcoholic Luigi’s dismay).

To see how the match went, check out the videos below. Scroll down to the bottom for our commentary.

Round 1

Round 2

Round 3

At first, Link and Luigi don’t seem to get that they should be fighting each other. They spend a large portion of the match on opposite sides of the screen, and no KOs occur until the fight is over two minutes in. When Link finally bites the dust, it isn’t because of Luigi, but because of stage hazards. Thankfully, Link’s death motivates him to kick up his game, and he makes short work of Luigi after that.

The second round is a little on the strange side. Once again, Link is the first character to fall, and once again, he scores three consecutive KOs after. However, while he makes some impressive recoveries, his kills aren’t exactly earned. He scores two of his kills via assist trophies, and gets the last one with a Bullet Bill.

Since Link’s victory was a little on the cheap side, we gave Luigi a chance to prove his worth in a conciliatory final round. However, all the match really proved was that Link is the superior amiibo. He dominated the entire match, and Luigi barely made it past the four minute mark.

In the end, Link is the amiibo to move on, and Luigi has another reason to rock his death stare.

While we’re happy Link won, we hope he steps up his game in the next round. He’s facing some stiff competition, and he’ll have to play at his best if he wants to become the amiibo champion.