Mad Max Can Hit the Road

Mad Max gameEven though I’ve seen several trailers for the new Mad Max game, I still don’t have a feel for what it’s going to offer players. That’s worrying, since it allegedly in a few short months.

What are the core mechanics and concepts? What’s the mission format? What kind of side quests and diversions will it offers. It looks like there’ll be plenty of vehicular mayhem, but Rage offered that as well, and that game fell completely flat. I was hoping for a Fallout-type experience, but now that Fallout 4 has been announced, I need something if I’m going to get excited.

What I’ve seen just isn’t that impressive. It looks like Batman: Arkham-lite in the fighting department, Rage in the vehicular combat and racing department, and possibly Shadow of Mordor-ish in the enemy/nemesis department. That’s not Game of the Year material.

I’m trying to be optimistic, I really am. I love Avalanche Studios, and I’m a huge fan of the Just Cause games. But this game just doesn’t look like it’s going to deliver the destruction and exploration I want.

Mad Max video gameOf course, I’ve been wrong before. Mad Max could wind up being a fantastic game. But right now, I strongly suspect that it’s going to go out in a flaming wreckage of shitty non-glory.


  • mrmario7502

    It looks like they’re basing the game off of the Fury Road trailer without ever watching the movie. There’s no sense of the characters or atmosphere in this.