Marth Amiibo Will Be Back in Stock, Making This Japanese Import a Bad Choice

Marth AmiiboOur Senior Editor, the tireless Mandi, spent weeks trying to find a Pit amiibo for me. She finally succeeded, and this wonderful plastic Pit has a home on a shelf next to my other dozen-plus amiibo figures.

Unbeknownst to me, she took things a step further and imported Marth from Japan in order to surprise me. What a lady!

But, just a few days after she placed her order, Nintendo announced that the Marth amiibo will be back in stock in the United States later this year. That makes me both happy and sad: happy because I’m going to own a Marth amiibo within the next few days, and sad because Mandi almost certainly overpaid for the import.

Still, having a Japanese import of Marth is kind of badass.

If anything, this should give amiibo collectors like myself hope that some of the other rare figures will see reprints eventually. Keep your fingers crossed!