Minecraft on PS4 Is Block-Tastic

Minecraft PS4Like most gamers, I’m a huge Minecraft fan.

Even though I already have the game for the Xbox 360 and PS Vita, I couldn’t resist buying yet another version of the game for my PS4. Thankfully, after buying it for the Vita, I received a $15 discount on the PS4 version, which made the pill a tad bit easier to swallow. I mean, it was going down either way, but I’m not one to pooh-pooh on savings.

Minecraft 4And let me tell you, it was medicine well worth taking. The PS4 version is by far the best iteration I’ve had the pleasure of playing.

The world is vastly larger, stretching beyond the margins of the in-game handheld map. The draw distance is greatly increased, allowing for clouds and mountains to loom in the far-off backdrops. Since it’s Minecraft, I’m not sure I can say that graphics have improved, but the lighting does strike me as a bit more dynamic.

Minecraft 1For all of the blockiness that is inherent to the game, Minecraft still manages moments of beauty as the sun sets and the moon rises.

Minecraft 2There are also genuine moments of terror, like when one is spelunking through an abandoned mine shaft, facing hordes of skeletal archers, and trying to beat them back and destroy that spawning cube-thingy.

And as anyone who has played this game knows, those first few nights of hustling to get your shit together and create shelter are still oh-so harrowing.

My first shelter, double brick enforced to withstand Creeper interactions

My first shelter, double brick-enforced to withstand Creeper attacks.

There’s always some kind of danger hissing or milling around you, just out of sight. The soundtrack is better than ever, with many added tracks to pad out your days and nights, as you toil to find one more diamond.

It may be an oldie, but Minecraft is still a game that I very much enjoy. And on the PS4, this classic is more entertaining than ever.