My Curly Hair Steals The Show on PS4

As an avid player of Sony’s MLB: The Show franchise since its inception, there isn’t much that escapes my notice where year-to-year changes are concerned.

When it was (predictably) announced that The Show would be making its way to the PlayStation 4 this year, my imagination reeled at the possible list of upgrades they could bring to the game on new hardware. Had they been slaving over a new engine and putting in reps in the mo-cap studio? Were we going to see an evolution of ball physics that brought even more dynamism to every play? For the love of all that is holy and good, would they bring in a new commentary team with sufficient logic and awareness to allow me to play even 2 successive games without hearing a litany of repeated lines?

Imagine my disappointment (although muted) when the announcement trailer called out only 3 major enhancements: brand new stadium models built from the ground-up, an exponential increase in crowd models and actions, and your player’s hair.

You’d think the first two would garner most of my attention post-release, but you’d be quite wrong. In fact, as I’ve taken my pitching prospect through the minors and into the big leagues (spanning 4 seasons now), only one thing continues to jump out at me: My curly hair is rockin’.

PS3/PS4 Hair Comparison

Curly hair as seen on PS3 (MLB ’13) vs. PS4 (MLB ’14)

When I’m actually playing the game, focusing on each pitch and each fielding opportunity, I almost never take note of the stadium beyond “which side of whatever line did the ball land in?” I don’t notice the fickle distractions and meanderings of the crowd. No, what I notice — each time they cut to my player after a particular pitch or play — is the puffy coif that emerges when he briefly removes his hat to wipe away the sweat.

Sure, it does kind of look like someone dropped some steel wool or perhaps a big ol’ pile of pubes on my head and called it a day, but it cannot be denied that they are some immaculately-rendered pubes.