My First Death in Don’t Starve Was Due to Frogs

Don't Starve BronyBeing a veteran of Minecraft, I figured out the very basics of Don’t Starve fairly quickly. Collect things until you have enough things to make tools, with which to collect more things. So I fairly quickly managed to make an axe and a pickaxe, as well as a trap.

Of course, I soon discovered that traps worked a lot better if you had bait. And I didn’t always have bait. So I had to find other ways to keep myself fed. This led to me trying to simply murder various animals with my axe, to no success whatsoever. The small animals would always run from me.

It didn’t stop me from trying, though. And when I came upon a single frog, I decided to go for it. I charged in, axe swinging, and to my surprise the frog didn’t run! I figured that I’d be nibbling on frog legs before the night was through.

Don't Starve Angry FrogWhat I didn’t expect was a swarm of frogs to rise up against me, much as a swarm of chickens would rise against Link in a Zelda game. From nowhere, a horde of seven frogs came hopping at me, trying to kill me with their tongues. And they succeeded.

So, note to self: Don’t attack the frogs in Don’t Starve.